Watching the Tour of Britain Stage 6 0

You may know by now that the Tour of Britain is visiting Wallingford. Well, almost. It is going round the ring road on it’s way from Bath to Hemel Hempstead. I think we should all take the day off and watch it.

The Tour of Britain is a great race and features some big international stars like Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish and Marcel Kittel. The bit around our lovely ring road is likely to fly by in seconds so Chinnor Hill looks like the place to be. It should slow down and string out enough for us to see all the riders.

So, why not ride there? We’ll arrange for a car to be at the hill with a little picnic, and you can either join the party by car or ride with us. There is a little side road that pops up about 2/3 way up Chinnor Hill that’ll be the perfect spot, and there is parking nearby (possibly a 1km walk).

View the route we’d ride

View the route we'd ride

The ride, there and back from Wallingford is 77km, but if we have cars going it might be possible for riders to get lifts back. Also, I’ve added a few meeting points along the way in case you fancy doing a shorter version. The ride is likely to be an intermediate pace around 25-27km/h, but we’ll take it slower for the last bits there so we all stay together.

Depending on how much the riders are enjoying the Oxfordshire countryside the race will get to Chinnor hill between 2pm and 2.45pm. We plan to arrive at between 1pm and 1.30pm.

Look at my proposed route and see how you fancy getting there.

Place Time Distance to Chinnor Hill Return time
Rides on Air Café 11.15am 38km 4.45pm
Shepherd’s Hut, Ewelme 11.40am 32km 4.20pm
Stoke Talmage to Wheatfield Road 12.20pm 20km 4pm
Top of Aston Hill 12.45pm 11km 3.30pm
Chinnor Hill 1.30pm 0km 3pm


Visit the Tour of Britain website for more information on the race.

Leave your comments below if you fancy going and tell us how you’d like to get there and how you’d like to join in.

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