Mountain bike coaching

Mountain biking is a great sport, and can be done at some level by almost anyone. But, to get the best out of your riding you need to know where to ride, and how to handle the obstacles along the way.

Being able to ride over roots, speed along single track, or even ride over drops and bumps can mean you can ride more trails, and have more fun.Mountain bike coaching can help give you confidence to tackle the trails you want to, safely and skilfully.

We also do ladies only group lessons. See our calendar for more information.

Group Lessons

For up to 4 people. Either book with friends, or join one of our weekly lessons. We offer 2 hour, half day and full day lessons.


  • Setting up your bike
  • Basic riding skills
  • Controlling the bike on uneven terrain
  • Gaining confidence
  • Building fitness


  • Developing bike handling skills
  • Riding in cleats
  • Pedalling technique
  • Riding single track
  • Roots, rocks and ridges
  • Riding drop-offs
  • Using the terrain to help you corner faster
  • Climbing faster
  • Eating on a ride


  • Building power
  • Hill climbing strategies
  • Advanced bike handling skills
  • Jumping
  • Riding faster for longer
  • Descending at speed

Individual Lessons

These can be tailor made to fit your needs. We start of analysing your riding and then look for the most effective way of improving it. Or, if you have an area you wish to improve we can develop a lesson around that.

  • Setting your bike up
  • Basic riding skills
  • Riding on uneven terrain
  • Riding with cleats
  • Riding singletrack
  • Roots, rocks and ridges
  • Going up hills
  • Going down hills
  • Cornering faster
  • Riding further
  • Building power
  • Increasing your speed
  • Getting ready to race
  • Eating on a ride
  • Puncture repair
  • Emergency bike repair
  • Getting the most out of your ride
  • Training plans
Velotutor - Improve your mountain bike skills

Booking information


To book, call us on:

01491 839945

Or, fill in our: Booking form


Group lessons
2 hours £25 per person
Half day (4 hours) £45 per person
Full day (7 hours) £80 per person
Individual lessons
2 hours £40
4 hours £70


Lessons are available most days, and we try to be flexible with times, this is particularly easy if you book an entire group session or individual lesson. Our standard times can be found on the Calendar


Most rides will start, and finish, within 15 miles Wallingford depending on the terrain needed for the lesson. But, it is also possible to have lessons at one of the local trail centres such as Swinley Forest, Wendover Woods or Aston Hill.