Costa Blanca Training Camp 2015 0

In February 2015 I went to Costa Blanca with the RP Racing Team for a week of cycling in the hills around Calpe, Benidorm and Alicante. These are a few of the photos I took with my Garmin Virb whilst we were out on the roads.

Costa Blanca was an excellent place to train. The weather was good – certainly better than the UK at that time of year with the days around 18C and even peaking at 24C! – although, it was chilly (around 5C) at the tops of some of the mountains and descending was cold for the first few kilometres.

The roads are good, with lots of hills around 6km to 10km long, mostly in the 4% to 6% gradient so doable by most cyclists regardless of fitness. Bust there is the occasional steeper hill, or longer (we did one at 30km long with about 1,000m of vertical gain) if you go looking for it.

It is relatively cheap to fly there and to stay. The roads are good and the drivers are friendly. And, it’s a favoured spot of the pros for pre-season training so you might even see the odd pro team. We saw Boels Dolmans, CCC, Rabobank and BMC when we were there.

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